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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:24 pm

Paydirt Guidelines
• First and foremost, respect everyone in the league. Issues will inevitably rise. However, slanderous, disrespectful and profanity-laden speech will not be tolerated. We’re here to play games, not deal with a bunch of non-sense. This includes running up the score (which will be handled on a zero tolerance basis). Handle yourselves like grown men.

• This league’s gameplay is defined SIM play. We’re all about simulating gameplay Lobby ball, rocket catches, nano blitzes, and other known glitches (i.e. – Procedural Awareness, Clock Glitch, etc.,) will not be tolerated. If Lobby play is your game, this league is not for you.

• Schedule your games! Obviously, we joined this league so we could play other people. Not have our games simmed and certainly not to play CPU (which we could do on our own). Text, send messages, post on the forum… just get it done.

• When calling plays, be sure to mix it up. This is another part of playing SIM. Be sure you are using various formations and plays. Nobody wants to play against someone who runs toss sweep all game long. There is a big difference between a play being successful and abusing the game. Don’t be that guy, or your time here will be brief.

• Quitting is not allowed! Furthermore, there is a zero tolerance policy against quitting. If you pull the plug on a game, you will be booted from the league. Qutting accomplishes nothing (except making you look like a total jerk). Unlike in Madden 12, you cannot simply concede a defeat to an opponent. If you’re getting whooped, take it like a champ.

In-Game Rules

• On Defense…

- Match personnel to the offensive personnel. When the offense trots out 5 WRs, DO NOT come out in base personnel or a 46. That’s insanity, and you most certainly would not see that on Sundays.
* A good rule of thumb: You may call 1 more DB than there are WR's on the field. The only exception: if your opponent is calling a play that shows 2 WRs, 1 TE, & 2 HBs on the play call screen, and they end up in a Shotgun formation, using one of their packages. (i.e. - Nickel vs. 2 WR sets is fine, but not so much against 1 WR sets. You can NOT call Dime/Dollar/Quarters vs. 2 WR sets.) - Must rush AT LEAST 3 players at all times.
- “Run Commit” is not allowed. Period. It is cheesy at its core, even though there are holes in that schematically.
- When blitzing, do not use press coverage. It is a staple of cheesy, lobby ball.
- In the same vein, please use discretion when shifting your defensive linemen, linebackers, and safeties. Abuse of this will result in suspension or booting.
- You are allowed to move only 1 player manually and once you move him you MUST control him during the play. (The only exception is lateral movement of a LB, etc. due to inability of man alignment or flipping the play to cover an offensive skill position player in man coverage).
* For example: an HB offset right being man covered by the ROLB who would have no shot at getting over to cover a swing pass. You may make a player audible to any defender, so long as you don't move their position, without manually using them in the play.
- The 46 and 52 defense should not be your base defense. Furthermore, the “46 Speed” defense is not allowed. These defenses should be used under the following discretions:
* Use of the 46 or the 52 defense as your base defense is NOT allowed. The 46 should only be used inside the 10 yard line, or on any 2nd, 3rd or 4th and short D plays (short being 2 yards or less). The 46 or 52 should never be used as a defense to a 3 or 4 WR sets unless it is inside your 10 yard line, a short yardage situation, and you suspect the offense is spreading the field to run.
• On Offense…

- It is widely recognized that every game is different, and each game will dictate certain calls. With that in mind, a balance in your run/pass ratio is preferred. Moreover, you must have AT LEAST 10 rushing attempts and 10 passing attempts per game. If you feel as if your opponent has not been sim with their play calling, feel free to contact the Commissioner.
- Unrealistic drop backs by the QB (anything over 8 yards) is unacceptable. In addition, not stepping up into the pocket, as well as sprinting out of the pocket shows a lack of skill and awareness on your part. QBs cannot take the snap and immediately sprint outside. Don’t stare down one passing option. Make good decisions and use make multiple reads. Of course, you may run the QB away from any instant pressure or free rushers.
- As previously discussed above, excessive tosses, pitches, counters, or calling dive plays and then bouncing it outside more than once or twice, are NOT acceptable. Mix up your run formations and run plays. Running draws at an inordinately high rate is lobby at its cheesiest. Running a dive and at the line breaking it to the sidelines is an AI glitch. These will not be tolerated.
- Manually Motioned WRs must be outside the Offensive Tackle before the ball is hiked. This includes all Backs in motion coming to a stop, unless they have been audibled to block and are sent outside the tackles. In recent madden editions, there are plays with automatic motion included. These plays are fine, and only subject to general rules on mixing things up.
- Lining up your star WR as the slot or 4th WR a lot of the game: We aren't able to assign defensive players to WRs without it messing up the Defensive AI (such as man cover play with a WR completely uncovered), so try and leave WRs where they belong if they impose physical mismatches (primarily speed). Certain formations put WRs in different positions; this isn't a problem so long as you don't run that formation excessively. Every so often you may want your stud WR in the slot, but not all game.
- Taking control/immediately usering your WR to speed burst or zig zag on any deep route is NOT allowed. This is complete and total cheese. You may take control of a WR to make a catch just prior to the ball arriving, or to help defend against a potential interception. Abuse of this will not be tolerated.
- The No Huddle should be used with discretion and should never be a primary source of anyone’s offense. Police yourselves accordingly. No Huddle may be used anytime with the following exceptions of when it is NOT allowed:
* When up by 14+ points
* After any play where the clock stops
* This is a zero tolerance rule. Anyone proved to be abusing this rule will be booted.

• On 4th Down…
- You may go for it on 4th Down when:
* Anytime when trailing by 21+ points
* When it is 4th and 1 or less AND in your opponent’s territory
* In the fourth quarter and trailing by 7+ points

• On Special Teams…

- Fake Field Goals, fake punts, and surprise Onside Kicks are NOT allowed!
- Line Drive punts are also NOT allowed. Line drive punts are typically a bad idea even if it lands out of bounds. Additionally, you don’t see it on Sundays… ever.
- When receiving punts, moving players back to the return man pre-snap in an attempt to gain extra blockers is NOT allowed.

• Depth Charts
* QB can play QB only
* HB can play HB, FB, and 5th WR – HBs playing FB must have 84 speed or less
* FB can play FB, HB, or TE
* WR can play WR only
* TE can play TE, FB, or 3rd WR or lower
* DT can play any DL position
* DE can play any DL position or LB
* OLB can play any LB position or DE
* CBs can play any secondary position – CBs can only play S if they have 85 speed or less
* FS/SS can play either S position
* OL can play any OL position
* OL can also play TE in “Heavy” formations and sets

• Game Settings
- 8 Minute Quarters.
- All-Madden Skill level

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PostSubject: Cap Penalty Limit   Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:54 pm

Please, keep your cap penalty in mind when performing trades. Know what the repercussions are of doing any trade, signing, or releases. If you didn't know, cap penalties are separated over a 2 year span. Cap penalties may NOT exceed $10 million dollars for either year. If you have further questions, feel free to ask, or check out this site:

Or if you'd like, you can calculate the cap penalty at this site:
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League Rules
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