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 Callin a quits...

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Callin a quits... Empty
PostSubject: Callin a quits...   Callin a quits... Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 11:17 pm

Well, this league started strong, but the interest has dwindled greatly. There is no real reason to continue this league. To those who are playoff bound, would you like to continue through the Super Bowl? If so, I will push to get to playoffs sooner than later. If not, I'll cut bait and you guys won't have to worry about a lame duck league such as this.

Thank you guys for your time. I truly tried my best to make this worth your while. My apologies for wasting your time. You live and learn, right? Again, lemme know if you want to continue through playoffs. Otherwise, I'll look to delete the league by mid-week. Been a pleasure... until next time...

- BigJohnMic
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Callin a quits...
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